The Arc’teryx Academy

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The Arc’teryx Academy

Arc’teryx is one of, if not the most highly regarded outdoor equipment brands in the market right now, which I believe to be very well deserved. It is not one of the older brands in the industry, having only been around for less than 30 years, but they have cemented themselves as a brand focused on only producing the finest equipment and clothing. This guaranteed quality certainly comes at a higher price, however, Arc’teryx’s main target market is comprised of serious backcountry alpinists, skiers and climbers who are willing to dish out serious cash in order to protect them from the harsh elements they are typically exposed to. While The North Face has expanded their marketing efforts towards more casual outdoorsmen, Arc’teryx is focused on providing the best quality gear for customers who know the difference.


Arc’teryx is fully aware that these more serious alpinists are generating a majority of their sales, and in an effort to appeal to more consumers in this market and generate loyalty among existing customers, Arc’teryx has created the Arc’teryx Academy. Essentially, the Arc’teryx Academy offers clinics in skiing, ice climbing, rock climbing, among a few other sports to customers who would like to hone their skills in the backcountry. Clinics are taught by professional athletes in their respective sport who Arc’teryx has partnered with for the event, but the academy also hosts presentations made by prominent figures in the outdoor industry, music, and most importantly the demo fair. The demo fair allows participants to come and test new Arc’teryx gear in the field along with gear from other brands, serving as a perfect opportunity for customers to learn more about the brand and the quality it guarantees.


Every year, during and leading up to the weekends where clinics and seminars will take place with the academy, Arc’teryx social media accounts are flooded with information about the academy and the clinics that are being offered. Athletes who have partnered with Arc’teryx to teach clinics use their own social media outlets to urge followers to join them in the coming weeks at the Academy to improve their alpine capabilities and test out new gear from Arc’teryx. By and large, customers who are following professional backcountry athletes on social media and seriously considering signing up for a clinic offered by the Arc’teryx are not simply interested in buying a new jacket for the winter. These customers are looking for technical, long-lasting alpine gear to help them stay safe while engaging in the hobbies they love. The Arc’teryx Academy is a way for the brand to help their core customers improve their backcountry skills, allowing them to play safer and ultimately improve their love for alpine sports, creating more passionate, loyal customers while being surrounded by the Arc’teryx name and new products.

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