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The Wine Connoisseur

Hello, wine connoisseur here to persuade you all to drink more wine. Only kidding, I am not an expert. Although, I can be an expert with the help of Vivino. Vivino is the largest wine community with the most downloaded mobile wine app. They do have a website as well although it seems the app takes the cake. Vivino launched in 2009 and has been on the rise ever since. Users are a able to buy, rate, and review wines in which there is a tremendous abundance of. Vivino has more than 9 million wines making it the worlds largest wine library.

Although you could browse millions of wines on the website, the app is where it’s really at. Vivino allows you to scan a wine label and in return provides the ratings, reviews, and prices. Their motto is “never forget another wine”. Now you don’t have to hesitate or ponder for too long at those large walls of wine!

I found out about Vivino via word of mouth. However, Vivino does have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin account. They do have a good presence on these accounts as well. I actually came across a facebook ad for Vivino Premium this past weekend. The premium grants free shipping on everything.

I was going to show you screenshots of the app and website but cannot get them to upload in any format for whatever reason. On both the website and app you can search wines through several filters. These filters include type, price, rating, country, food pairings, and more. The website does have one unique component to it and that is the wine news. You can explore articles on topics such as best wines, gifts, food pairings, and many more. You can also add friends and create your own wine library!

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