What I miss about Spain

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What I miss about Spain

I have been living in Spain my whole entire life. It’s been only six months since I came here to america and I have to say that it is a lot different from what I was expecting. Here I am going to tell you the two things that I miss most about my country.

First of all, the food. Back in Spain I always have a lot of vegetables such as chard, artichokes, thistle… here the closest thing I can find is brocoli, which I hate so much. Also, I miss having a ‘paella’ with my family or just good mediterranean food.
Secondly, I miss playing and watching soccer. I do not know why people love football so much. They always last for too long and they keep stoping the game every two seconds. I can’t wait to go back and watch a good game of Madrid vs Barça with all of my friends and family.

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