When to post on social

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When to post on social

In general, the most popular day to post across all social media platforms is Thursday during the work hours. Within the work hours, there is a peak around lunch time and early afternoon in which the most posts are published.

However, there is a disconnect between when brands are posting and when consumers are viewing and interacting with these posts. Consumers are most active on social media and with brand posts in the evening and on weekends.

This is very valuable information for me because it relates to the current position I hold at The Red & Black. I work very closely with then our advertising department because I schedule all of our paid social media posts. By relaying this information to ad reps, they can convey it to advertisers and encourage them to post during the unpopular brand times but more popular consumer times. By doing so, they have the possibility to extend their reach and increase their brand awareness.

Knowing this information could give The Red & Black the upper hand compared to other advertising companies because advertisers will go with the company that gives them the most bang for their buck. If they get more engagements or likes when they advertise with us because we suggested to post during a different time of day, then they are very likely to come back for future advertising campaigns.

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Anna Bell

Anna Bell

January 23, 2018at 9:49 am

That is very interesting that brands like to post on Thursdays. It sort of makes sense if consumers usually are on social media on weekends and afternoons, because if the brands post on thursday then it is on people’s feeds when they go on that afternoon or the next day. Unless it is a time, sensitive ad, then they should time that more effectively.

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