Power of Social Media

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Power of Social Media

In today’s day and age there is no denying the influence social media has over our every day lives. No matter what we do our phone is near by, and social media is a quick and easy distraction whether it be for entertainment, news or gossip. When I started working for MRN Contracting, one of the biggest red flags was their lack of a social media presence. A business without a viable Facebook page, what is going on!

So my first order of business when tackling the company’s social media was creating a new Facebook page with the new logo and company information. I immediately promoted the page, letting our following know that we were rolling a new brand and new social media. Within the first 12 hours, we already had 50 new page likes and 4 new company reviews. This was a very promising first 24 hours. I plan to use my knowledge of Facebook Blueprint to create and manage ads for MRN, targeting local areas in both Atlanta and Raleigh. I am also going to push reviews on Facebook heavily. Facebook is a tool many homeowners use to distinguish between the many many contracting companies in business.

My next order of business was the creation of the MRN Instagram account. This is a platform the company had never used before, but I think it is a great way to showcase the beautiful exterior and interior work the company does. People go to Instagram to look at beautiful pictures, and that is what I plan to provide them. We are also branding this company as a family built business, so Instagram allows us to show our personality as a company.  I will also be utilizing the new Instagram ad and targeting features, to make sure our company shows up in the feeds of potential clients.

While all of this social media presence is very new, I will be updating the stats regularly to give readers a better understanding of just how great of an impact social media has.

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Lauren Klauss

Lauren Klauss

January 28, 2018at 11:50 am

I managed a social media account for my internship over the summer and I also helped in creating a lot of the content so this was a very interesting post to read! It is amazing how much social media can impact the success of a business. It is super important for a business to have functioning and engaging social media pages for sure!

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