Blog #3: Taqueria del Sol

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Blog #3: Taqueria del Sol

This past weekend, my friends and I went to Taqueria del Sol for dinner. I have been here multiple times before, but I love their fish tacos and queso, so I made the executive decision that we would go there for dinner.  Though I have eaten at Taqueria many times, I have never really thought to look at their social media or follow them on Instagram. Unlike the other Athens restaurants I’ve written posts about (Condors, Ideal Bagel) Taqueria had basically no signs of their social media presence within their physical store. While Ideal Bagel and Condors had very limited advertising of their social media, I at least noticed a small “Follow us on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook” somewhere within their restaurant. However, this was not the case at Taqueria. Once I decided to look up their Instagram account, it made complete sense that they have no signs promoting it—because it doesn’t exist. However, I did learn that Taqueria del Sol is, in fact, a chain restaurant, because it’s Nashville location does actually have an Instagram account.

For the first time since I’ve been blogging, I had to head to Facebook to look up their account. Taqueria del Sol- Athens does have a Facebook page. There is a decently large amount of content to be found on their Facebook page, from pictures, to reviews, to status updates. However, all of this content is completely from customers—none of it is made by Taqueria. All Taqueria simply did was create a Facebook page with their basic information: location and hours. The customers have done everything else.

Considering all of the content on their Facebook page is completely consumer created, I cannot even imagine how popular it would be if Taqueria actually put the smallest amount of effort into it. Taqueria’s customers are interacting with Taqueria on social media—with literally zero reciprocation back from Taqueria. Their Facebook page shows that they clearly have a very loyal fan base, and I believe that if Taqueria were to interact or even create a Facebook page, they would see big results.

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