Are we witnessing the death of cable advertising?

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Are we witnessing the death of cable advertising?

                Whether you’ve cut the cable cord yourself or just know someone who has, most of us have noticed the popular trend of people choosing to cancel their cable subscriptions. Is the cable industry really dying or is it just evolving? And what will this mean for the future of traditional advertising on television? Thousands of people have been dropping cable annually for years now, but will this change the way that companies choose to advertise?

Cord cutting is more popular than ever, with the plethora of online entertainment options available. While many people are acting like this is the end for television as we know it, recent trends seem to show that we’re seeing more a shift of how we get television instead of a complete removal of the medium. Most major broadcasters have been preparing for this shift as they have begun to either launch their own streaming services or partner with existing ones. Now with the ability to have a more limited selection of channels through subscription services like Sling and YouTube TV, it seems that people are simply moving to a cheaper alternative to cable television.

This leaves the question of how this will change the way we consume advertising. It’s my belief that while the platforms or providers we receive video entertainment from may change, most streaming services seem to fill the void left by cable television with similar slots for the typical 30 second to one minute ads we’re used to seeing on TV. So while we may have more options for how we watch TV in the future through streaming services, advertisers will continue to have a platform to get their messages across. This could potentially lead to a combination of traditional television ads with the best parts of digital advertising. This online shift may lead to advertisers having the ability to more effectively and efficiently market towards their intended audiences. They could be able to more accurately target their intended demographics like age, gender, race without having to pay higher prices to have their ad go out to everyone who’s watching the show in a specific time slot. I believe that online a major switch to online streaming services would lead to a revolution in how companies are able to reach people. While the idea that cable or television is dying might be hyperbolic, the industry is certainly changing and it will be fascinating to watch how marketers use these changes to their advantages.

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Mike Levitas

Mike Levitas

January 31, 2018at 8:54 pm

Good post! It’s definitely a relevant trend and a shift that I don’t see reversing anytime soon. It makes sense, though. Who wants to pay for a bunch of channels that you’ll never watch?

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