Companies Dominating Customer Service Through Twitter

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Companies Dominating Customer Service Through Twitter

No matter what size of a company you are, there is going to be times where you have to deal with criticism or issues. Especially, when you are growing and becoming bigger. It can make or break your brand/company reputation depending on how you handle these issues. The way I look at it is like an issue or concern starting off as a small fire. At first, the fire can start small, but if you continue not to watch or take action the fire can quickly turn into a HUGE forest fire spiraling out of control. With social media today, it is vital for companies to understand this and be on top of their game. United Nations has had to learn from this mistake multiple times. In my opinion, the best way to accomplish great customer service is through social media and especially on Twitter to be exact. Around 67% of U.S consumers go to social media for customer service requests. This requires a dedicated team and the ability to solve and respond within hours, all with a friendly voice that reflects your brand voice. Twitter offers a wealth of connectivity. You can quickly engage with clients, answer questions and draw in potential users through sharing unique content or valuable advice. Here are a few tips that will be helpful in the Twitter space for customer service.

  1. Establish Your Processes – Don’t make it a practice to only respond to negative comments — also acknowledge the positive posts about your business. You should use social media to build the connection between your customers and your business.
  2. Respond Quickly – People expect you to respond to a social media message like you would a phone call. So if you open this Pandora’s box of customer service on Twitter, know that the expectations on response time will need to be personalized and fast.
  3. Communicate Using One Handle – If you’re going to reach out to someone, continue the conversation with them from start to finish with one account. It’s a smoother experience.
  4. Generate Genuine Human Connections – Be real, be authentic, be conversational and be focused on your customers’ needs. Address their comments with empathy, compassion, solutions and gratitude. Stay on-brand and aligned with your company values in all communications. Don’t take the bait of bullies or trolls!
  5. Own Failed Expectations – Social media is a great way for customers to witness your character. Ensure that it’s a good one. Take ownership of any failure to meet a customers expectation. Do not offload blame. There is always something you can do better. If you are not sure how to improve the experience, get feedback from the customer. “What could we have done to make this better?”
  6. Monitor More Than Messages and Mentions – One of the biggest mistakes businesses make when using Twitter for customer service is forgetting to monitor more than just their Twitter mentions and direct messages. At the very least, you should monitor your messages, mentions, hashtags, company nicknames, product names and leadership names. Forgetting to monitor these makes you blind to all the more subtle ways customers reach out on Twitter.
  7. Learn From What People Are Saying – Every tweet is 140 characters packed with learning. So listen to your feed even more than you tweet. Choose to invite your audience into a connection by learning about them. Offer insights, inquiries and opportunities to engage them in the moment, while provoking their thought long past the moment. This approach galvanizes their engagement and desire to connect beyond the social media landscape.

A few companies that are masters at this are: Nike, Xbox, UPS, Comcast, Amazon, and a few more.

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