“Inside the Adventure” of Building Culture

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“Inside the Adventure” of Building Culture

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Vestigo is a local startup in Athens that began in 2015 by two UGA students, Marshall Mosher and Daniel McBrayer. Marshall and Daniel wanted to create a place that people could go to find all that there is to do in the great outdoors, along with an experienced guide to show you how to enjoy that activity. Now being strongly rooted in Georgia, Vestigo is starting to take its adventures all across the nation. But first, let’s go back to the beginning… of Vestigo’s social media and digital marketing.

When Marshall and Daniel founded Vestigo they already knew the importance of utilizing social media platforms. Vestigo has Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Their primary focus in the beginning was Facebook, but they soon realized that Instagram is just as important. As they began to build their following in social media, Marshall and Daniel wanted to focus on building their legitimacy as THE place to go for all of your outdoor adventuring needs.

After some time, they realized that Vestigo’s brand awareness had grown very well due to their use of social media, but their ratio of trips being booked to their following was very small. With this in mind, Vestigo looked to create a change in their focus. Vestigo shifted from a business-to-consumer (B2C) model to a business-to-business (B2B) model, where they now partner with companies to “create a culture work talking about” (vestigo.co). This shift resulted in Vestigo putting more of a focus on their LinkedIn presence. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all still very important and are used strategically to help build brand awareness and legitimacy but now as a B2B, they realize that they must create a strong presence where their customers are – LinkedIn.

With this new focus in mind, Marshall began to build up his own Instagram to help build legitimacy behind his being the CEO and co-founder of Vestigo. Showcasing his adventures and some trips he has led on his personal account has resulted in recognition from other outdoor companies. This has helped Vestigo gain sponsorship for gear to be used on trips.

Vestigo has definitely found a way to leverage different social media platforms to best fit their business, but the one thing I think works best for them is their podcast, Inside the Adventure. It’s unique. It’s inspiring. It’s full of adventure. When asked what the idea was behind starting Vestigo’s podcast, Marshall said, “We wanted to create a unique type of content that would inspire people.” And that they did. Over the years Inside the Adventure has featured many outdoor enthusiasts and prominent people in the outdoor industry. The podcast has been a double-win for Vestigo because it has not only been a source of inspiring and creative content for the company but has also been a great way for Vestigo to build its network throughout the outdoor industry.

Although Vestigo is still young, its team has experimented with different ways to leverage social media and experienced so much around what it’s like to start and run a successful business. They have found what works for Vestigo… and a little about what doesn’t work. Most importantly, the Vestigo team is driven to continuously work towards keeping the dream that Marshall and Daniel had while they were still students at UGA alive and striving. They have been very intuitive and strategic in their business decisions and have realized when it’s time to pause, assess where they are compared to where they want to be, and decide to shift focus when necessary. This team of thrill-seeking, culture-building, outdoor-loving Bulldogs are ready for any adventure Vestigo might lead them to.


**Thank you to Marshall Mosher for taking the time to talk with me and share his experiences of starting and running Vestigo. You are an inspiration to many at UGA who desire to be entrepreneurs and build up their own great ideas.

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