How is Tech Changing Marketing?

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How is Tech Changing Marketing?

Marketing is a tool that is changing every day whether we want it to or not. It is constantly being influenced by us – the consumer, brands, and most importantly technology. With today’s advancements in web tools and data collection, firms can gather data on just about any statistic they desire. Even more alarming is the fact that your every move from logging into Facebook to buying a shirt on Amazon is tracked and analyzed to discover and further understand trends.

Below are 5 ways technology is changing the marketing landscape.

1) Finding customers is much easier

Right now there are tons of lead generation software, programs, and firms cycling through data collected from the internet. They use this information to specifically target the consumer and gear their marketing towards the preferences of that customer.

2) Customization is full-scope

Full-scope customization refers to the ability of websites now to basically perform any function you need them to carry out. Businesses are keying in on the importance of tailoring company websites to the needs of the consumer and the persona the company upholds.

3) Immediate sales are on the rise

No longer do you have to go to the mall to buy clothing, you simply log-in to your computer and buy it right there, right now. It is as easy as drinking water. With how busy people are in 2018, it is critical for e-commerce sites to offer fast and quick solutions to buying merchandise.

4) No excuses for sub-par web development

It only takes a few clicks to generate a fantastic looking website. The tools available at our fingertips are more advanced than ever before. Companies have to have a quality site, or consumers will turn away.

5) Data, Data, Data

You best believe that everything on the internet is being tracked and mined for data that can be useful in a million different ways. By having better data, companies can make better business decisions in a snap.

Sources: Forbes

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