Mayweather and McGregor Use Twitter to Tease Potential Rematch

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Mayweather and McGregor Use Twitter to Tease Potential Rematch

Last August, boxer Floyd Mayweather and MMA fighter Conor McGregor had a boxing match that was one of the most publicized fights on record and had an estimated 50 million viewers worldwide.  Many people believe that Conor walked away from this boxing match with $100 million and Floyd was guaranteed to make at least that much, and probably made a lot more.  With that in mind, it’s certainly not outrageous to think that those two would want to dip from that well again and fight each other in the hopes of drawing in that same viewership and money that goes along with it.  Conor made it obvious in the lead up to the fight that he believes he would destroy Floyd in the octagon given the chance, and it is believed that people would like to see these two go at it without the constraints that go with a pure boxing match.  Well, very recently Floyd decided to tease those rumors of a rematch by posting two videos on twitter of himself in a UFC style octagon.

If you know anything about McGregor, you know he wouldn’t let that slide without making a proverbial “jab” back at Floyd, and he did just that with these two tweets:

He even gets his son involved with this one:

Now in all likelihood we will never see Conor and Floyd in the same ring ever again, but it was interesting to see just a few tweets create such a buzz in the sports world.  I’m not sure there are two other athletes in the world who do a better job of marketing themselves and grabbing the spotlight in a way that tremendously benefits their respective bank accounts.  These guys don’t shy away from making inflammatory comments, don’t mind playing the villain, and really seem to enjoy being the guy that you love to hate.  As a result, these two have shown future fighters exactly what to do from a marketing standpoint to elevate themselves by going from just another guy on the fight card, to becoming the main event drawing in millions of pay-per-view buys.

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