Shopping from Bed

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Shopping from Bed

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So as we humans are all (probably) aware, the biggest revolution in retail has been digital. Apps on our smartphone companions have made browsing and shopping so incredibly convenient.

Even though I am not the biggest shopper, I was surprised to realize I had never actually purchased anything directly from a retailers app (not Amazon, H&M, not anyone). Until now I had reserved apps to browsing, and if I really wanted something I always pulled it up on my computer since it somehow felt more secure and I am just accustomed to it.

Well, on a friend’s recommendation I was browsing a clothing company named Asos (think H&M except British) just to take a look. A few days later their Facebook ads kindly requested I download their app, and then I proceeded to purchase the green sweater following me around the web since I first browsed Asos’s site a week prior.

It was so easy to buy this sweater it is actually scary. From a marketing perspective apps are amazing because just imagine the amount of impulse buying happening. From my consumer perspective it was the smoothest, stress- free, checkout I had ever experienced and my first thought was “I should probably delete this app now”.

The best feature of their app by far is “Your Edit”. Asos collects information from articles you have browsed and bought before and puts together recommendations with a cute little message saying “We reckon you’ll like this lot”. The personal touch is very nice, and not too creepy, their user interface is clean and intuitive. Most importantly the sweater is very soft and a wonderful shade of green.

Well thank you Asos, I do like this lot


Alexandria Meads

Alexandria Meads

February 1, 2018at 9:58 pm

I’m with you– I actually think the only time I’ve purchased something through in app, is when Amazon gave me a 5 dollar credit to do so, and then I deleted the app after I made the purchase. It’s funny how many people prefer to browse on their phone, then switch to a laptop/desktop to make the final purchase. I wonder if this is just a trend, or if 5 years from now we will still feel the same way. It’s like you said, there really isn’t any significant barriers to shopping through an app, a lot of people just don’t do it.

Sarah Lo

Sarah Lo

February 2, 2018at 11:50 am

I totally agree that retail has become more digital than ever. I too make my online purchases on my laptop, even though I browse on my phone mainly because my laptop just feels more secure. I personally think it’s sort of scary how easy it is to purchase things on your phone now, but maybe if the app were user-friendly and smooth enough then I could see myself buying something through their app.

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