3 Hidden Gems of the Athens Food Scene

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3 Hidden Gems of the Athens Food Scene

Let’s start off by remembering my first post was about grocery shopping hacks and my second about breaking my caffeine (coffee) addiction, and now my inner foodie continues with yet another blog on some pretty special dishes right outside your door here in Athens, GA. While I have yet to try some Athens classics like Five Bar or Last Resort Provisions, I tend to champion the underestimated-hole-in-the-wall restaurants, bakeries, and coffee shops. If you haven’t branched out from Last Resort Brunch or Taqueria Del Sol (while delicious), these 3 gems are worth doing so.

Ginger Ice Cream from Donna Chang’s: Oh. My. Goodness. You think you are full after a three course family style “healthy” Chinese meal and then you (a little too eagerly) say yes when the waitress asks if you would like a dessert menu. Green Tea Ice Cream, Coconut Sorbet….Ginger Ice Cream?! Topped with Apple Compote?! You best believe I pulled out my Lactaid and stole the spoon from my date across the table. The rest of their menu might be on the pricey-er side, but this $4 bowl of heaven is worth sitting alone at the bar on a Thursday night.

Donna Changs Athens Instagram

Tlaloc’s Chicken Fajitas: I still may not be able to pronounce this place correctly, but if you want true, authentic Mexican food, look no further. The parking lot may be a bit sketchy and you might stick out like a sore thumb in your date night t-shirt, but you really can’t find better chicken fajitas or chips and salsa in town. Plus, I am able to split the fajitas with my fiance (which is really saying something) and still leave full. I wouldn’t say their queso is out of this world, but pretty much anything else on the menu is.

If this location doesn’t scream hidden gem, I don’t know what does

Dancing Goat’s Coffee from Walkers: Not only is this one of the best places to study, grab a beer at 4pm, or just simply hang out, but Walker’s sells one of the best (in my opinion) cups of coffee in the state. From a positioning standpoint, this blend is up against some serious competition: Walker’s Blend and 1000 Faces. However, it is the only coffee I can drink straight up black its THAT good. So next time you’re grabbing the cheapest cup of coffee in town ($2.25 for 20oz), make sure to try the light blue labeled option on the far left.

Walkers Pub & Coffee Instagram


Collin Nicholls

Collin Nicholls

February 6, 2018at 12:10 am

I’ve never been, seen, or heard of any of these places. I’ll have to check one of them out… Probably the Mexican restaurant. Nothing like authentic Mexican, mmm yum.

Julia Kostakos

Julia Kostakos

February 6, 2018at 12:34 am

I have been wanting to try Tlaloc for weeks and this only further confirms my decision to go. I am also always on the hunt for good coffee since my epitome of a good coffee, Two Story (RIP), closed. I will definitely be trying all of these things!

Emilee Stapleton

Emilee Stapleton

February 6, 2018at 11:24 am

Thank you for posting about these gems in Athens! I will definitely be trying some of these soon.

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