5 New Digital Marketing Trends in 2018

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5 New Digital Marketing Trends in 2018

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With the high demand for a 360-degree, fully interactive digital experience, consumers are quickly changing the digital marketing landscape in 2018. Below are 5 digital marketing trends for 2018 that your company should keep track of.

1. Augmented Reality Integrated Through Social Media 

Everyone wants to escape to a different world sometimes, and with Augmented Reality (AR) the impossible becomes possible. Businesses are going to use AR as a way to connect more personally with consumers and enable them opportunities to experience products or services without any of the risk involved with a purchase.

2. Know your Customers Journey

Data collection and analysis can only tell you so much. For 2018 it is extremely important to understand the path your audience takes from the beginning (i.e: research) to the end (i.e: purchase). Companies need to focus marketing efforts on things that relate to the customer on each step of this journey.

3. High-Quality Live Streams

A great way for companies to connect with their audience is through the use of live video feeds. However, the most critical notion to be aware of is that these video streams need to be of the highest quality.

4. The Digital Experience will be on and off-line

In 2018, companies should expect that every facet of life is becoming digitally integrated. There is no separate time for digital use any longer.

 5. The Expanding use of Algorithms 

Predicting what your audience will do next, catering to their needs, and showing them the stuff they want to know before they even think about searching for it is going to be the way of the future. By utilizing predictive algorithms, your company can figure out the optimal ways to market to the customer. A company that does a brilliant job at this is Facebook.


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