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A lot of Watching

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Video Marketing Trends in Social Media

By 2021 every second almost 17000 hours of video content will cross the network. This means that in a few years it will take a person more than 5 million years to watch the amount of video that will be on global IP networks each month. Video marketing is not only on YouTube, but other important social media used include: Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

Within the Video Marketing trends there is one that caught my attention, that fact that consumers not only want to watch but also want to produce video. Successful businesses are shifting to using video to lead their marketing efforts, in addition to other mediums. Most importantly businesses are trying to create marketing campaigns through advertising that doesn’t seem like one in order to engage their potential consumers.

A brand that knows what they are doing

A great example of this is Chobani´s campaign in the summer of 2017. These well-known yogurt brand sponsored a series of video campaigns that either incorporated their product and their brand.

They did it so subtle that no many consumers know it is an ad, however they have plenty of brand exposure. This campaigns were made through 8 different partners with 12 videos. The most popular video lasts 90 seconds has about 21 million views and 205,000 engagements. It was posted on Tasty Facebook page, which currently has 91 million followers. The fact that it is on a specific page on social media means that people that are interested in that certain topic, in this case recipes and healthy options, are in fact exposed to this advertising in a crafted way. This demonstrates the growing importance of targeted and custom made marketing efforts.

How does video marketing affect businesses

It is changing how businesses or brands communicate with customers. One of the downsides of using online video marketing, as any other social media marketing tool, consumers vary their level of awareness. Video marketing creates stronger customer engagement, only when it targets individuals that fit in the firm´s target audience and ideal persona. Besides crafted messages, another great advantage of using online video is that it is usually cheaper than traditional marketing efforts but it still has a good quality. We can see that there are certain brands that are successful in paying to socialize and promote their products and videos. We are building a world that doesn´t include a lot of reading but watching!

Reference: Jarboe, Greg. “How Chobani Uses Sponsored Videos to Stir Up Yogurt Sales.” Tubular Insights, Tubular Insights, 20 Sept. 2017, tubularinsights.com/chobani-sponsored-videos/.

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Isabel Pentaleri

Isabel Pentaleri

February 5, 2018at 11:40 pm

Video content has become increasingly important with Facebook’s new algorithm which prioritizes content from your friends and family. Facebook has made an effort to decrease the amount of content on your feed from media and brands to allow you to see the content with engagements from your Facebook friends. Marketers are attempting to break through this algorithm by using videos, the medium that often gets the most engagements.

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