Analyzing the Social Media Platforms of College Football’s Top 10 Teams: Part 3

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Analyzing the Social Media Platforms of College Football’s Top 10 Teams: Part 3

This blog continues my series of analyzing the social media platforms of the top ten college football teams from this past season. This post will examine the efforts of the #8 ranked team, the Penn State University Nittany Lions (PSU).

PSU’s social media accounts have a following of 696K on Facebook, 333K on Twitter, 182K on Instagram. Their posts the past two weeks have consisted of national signing day promotions, player recognitions, birthday wishes to coaches, player workout videos, and highlighting former PSU players who were in the Super Bowl.

On Facebook and Instagram, PSU posts the very similar content across the two platforms. Below are screenshots of their most recent photo galleries.



PSU’s usage across Facebook and Instagram was similar to TCU’s usage of the platforms, which we looked at last week.

However, PSU’s Twitter account posted and retweeted other content from what they posted on Facebook and Instagram. Their Twitter account retweeted material from accounts like Pro Football Focus, head coach James Franklin, and scouts reporting about the NFL Draft. Twitter’s usage allows for easier sharing of content from external sources through retweeting.



Overall, PSU has one of the larger following in college football and they seem to effectively engage fans throughout the week with content.

My next blog post will feature the #7 team in the country – Wisconsin.

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