Cultural Celebrations Across Spain: La Tomatina

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Cultural Celebrations Across Spain: La Tomatina

‘La Tomatina’ is a festival held in Buñol, a town located in Valencia, Spain. It’s celebrated every year on the last Wednesday of August as part of the one week festivities of Buñol.

The festival consists takes place on the streets and plaza of the small town where people throw tomatoes at each other. The first activity of the event, ‘palo jabón’ starts at 10am and consists on a vertical beam that people have to climb in order to get the ham that is hanging at the top. Once someone has been able to get the ham, a pyrotechnic display marks the beginning of the festival.

Six truck loaded with 150 tons of tomato will distribute and throw the tomatoes. These tomatoes have their origin in Xilxes (castellón), where the price of the mentioned good is low due to its inadequacy for consume. With 22,000 people the streets, the trucks make their way through the crowd as they cruise through the ‘San Luis’ and ‘Cid’ Street and finally into the ‘Plaza del Pueblo’.

After an hour of throwing tomatoes, the festival comes to an end with a final pyrotechnic display. As a result, the streets of the small town end up covered in red by the tomatoes.

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