Is Crock-Pot to Blame??

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Is Crock-Pot to Blame??

This week’s blog post contains a ~spoiler alert~ about the heart-wrenching saga that is This is Us.

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For anyone who does not know, This Is Us is a family show that airs on NBC. Viewers have known since the middle of the first season that one of the most beloved characters, Jack Pearson, was going to die unexpectedly, but nobody knew how. We eventually were hinted that it was in a fire, but what caused the fire? This long- awaited detail was finally revealed to us in last week’s episode. It was a faulty Crock-Pot.

Naturally, there was an uproar among the viewers because America takes TV characters’ deaths very seriously. The loyalty that people have towards Jack Pearson is honestly admirable.

In an attempt at damage control (even though the damage was no fault of their own), Crockpot had to come out insisting that their products are safe. Crockpot went to their twitter page (which had never been used until now) and changed the biography to say “If it doesn’t say Crock-Pot it’s not the original.”  This statement was made because it was a generic-brand crockpot that was shown on This Is Us.

The funniest part of this situation is the Super Bowl commercial that came of it. It starts with the actor that plays Jack Pearson giving a heartfelt speech about forgiveness and overcoming differences in the celebration of the Super bowl, AKA the people of America forgiving Crock-Pot for the death of everyone’s favorite TV dad. Jack then walks up to a Crock-Pot and scoops himself a bowl of chili. The screen goes black and shows the hashtag #CROCKPOTISINNOCENT.

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So, I guess if Jack Pearson can forgive Crock-Pot then so can I.


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