Move Me – Food Part 2

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Move Me – Food Part 2

In last week’s post, I discussed my love for food and how I came to acquire some of the tastes I now love to indulge in. However, this week, I want to spend time talking about how I approach my love for food in a mindful and healthy way.

Freshman year of college, as I mentioned in the last post, was the time in my life where I really started venturing out and trying all kinds of new foods. My eating habits stayed consistent with how they had been in high school. Before I knew it, the freshman twenty had become very real for me. I knew that I needed to begin making changes in the way that I was eating and living. The first thing I changed about how I ate was how much I ate. I do not believe in completely limiting yourself from your comfort foods, but I came to realize that moderation is the key. If I am craving a piece of cheesecake, I l have learned that it is best for me to go ahead and satisfy that craving with a small piece of cheesecake. Otherwise, I would most likely build up frustration with the situation which would result in me binging on sweets later on.

While I love trying all kinds of new foods, I have grown to love trying new kinds of healthy foods. I have found they make me feel energized and refreshed, and they go hand in hand with my active lifestyle. Unlike high school, I do eat salads now, and I actually really enjoy eating them. I love coming up with different variations to make sure that I do not get tired of eating the same thing over and over again.

One thing that has grown in popularity over the past year is meal delivery kits. Considering my busy schedule, I decided to give one a try. After researching many different options, I decided to try out Hungry Root. I was excited when my first delivery arrived. This service only provides vegan dishes, so some of the things they sent me were different than anything I had ever tried before. However, I liked every single thing that came in my kit! One of my favorite things I received was ‘almond chickpea cookie dough.’ Of course, it did not taste like normal cookie dough, but it was still delicious to eat raw or baked into cookies. While I really enjoyed my Hungry Root experience, I decided to terminate my subscription after the first box since it was more expensive than what I was wanting to pay. Also, it took away one of my favorite past times from me- grocery shopping.

All in all, I have enjoyed learning how to make adaptations in my diet to provide myself with healthier options. I still love to try new foods when I go out to eat, but I have learned that it is not healthy to eat these types of things all the time. I look forward to continuing to try new foods and recipes that leave me satisfied with my dining experience while also leaving me feeling energized and refreshed.

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Courtney Rappe

Courtney Rappe

February 5, 2018at 10:38 pm

I’d be interested to try this one! Daily Harvest has smoothies that sound similar to this too.

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