Tide’s Super Bowl Ad

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Tide’s Super Bowl Ad


This year the Super Bowl had some real winners when it came to ads. This year was unique for a variety of reasons, one of which being that marketers strayed away from airing car commercials and focused on more consumer product ads. One brand that really played up the classic Super bowl ad idea was Tide.

Tide has been in the spotlight lately for it’s Tide Pod scandal. While many millennials have been taking to Youtube and Facebook to post videos of themselves eating Tide Pods, Tide decided to take this sudden burst of attention in a new direction. This year Tide decided to take consumers assumptions of what would air as commercials during the Super Bowl and  create a collage of ads.

The commercial stars Actor David Harbour, who acted in the Netflix series Stranger Things, led consumers though several scenes of classic Super bowl ad tropes, including a car, beer and insurance commercial scene. This well thought out ad poked fun at cliche ads, while bringing the Tide Brand forward. It was an extremely smart ad on the marketing side. It built the brand into the spotlight while only minimally talking about the brand.

The Ad starts with an image of a man driving a car, very reminiscent of the Mathew McConaughey’s Lincoln commercials. Some scenes remind viewers of past Bud Light ads and they even included Alexa in their commercial. By combining all of these images they won when it came to ad memorability. Tide combined the most iconic ads of last years Super Bowl and turned their ad into a series of cliche ad scenes. The ad also brought in other P&G brands by including an Old Spice and Mr.Clean ad scene. All in all the commercial won the night with its smart content and humorous scenes.


Landers Sentell

Landers Sentell

February 5, 2018at 10:13 pm

I feel like I shouldn’t be surprised they didn’t comment on the Tide Pod craze. It seems they are trying to force the public to shift their view of Tide for the future. After all, it isn’t the best look to have people causing serious self harm to themselves by eating a dangerous product.

Christine Min

Christine Min

February 5, 2018at 10:27 pm

I absolutely loved this advertisement! It was so refreshing and it was so clever that Tide took advantage of the opportunity of being an ad during the Super Bowl by being everything. Kudos to the person that thought of this. I hope to create something this clever one day.

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