Tourism & Digital Marketing: Croatia

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Tourism & Digital Marketing: Croatia

This week I’ll be covering the digital platform and tactics of the tourism industry in Croatia. Croatia is a small Eastern European country with a long coastline along the Adriatic Sea, and it’s comprised of many islands. I got to visit the city of Dubrovnik one summer, and it was absolutely beautiful- one of my all-time favorite destinations thus far. This summer I am planning on backpacking Europe with my roommates and am excited to be returning to the country.

When I googled “tourism Croatia” I noticed that the first thing to come up was from Trip Advisor, and the official tourism website for Croatia only appeared second with the cheesy, slightly awkward headline “This is the Croatia tourism website!” The official website is aesthetically pleasing and features a lot of bright and bold visual content. However, a common organization and thematic element is definitely missing. The elements don’t really seem to go with each other all that much; there’s a picture of a historic building front with a few seemingly random clickable options then an interactive map of the country all on the same landing page.

The website does feature an easy to navigate header bar with the various clickable options. Through these, it seems like Croatia is definitely trying to establish itself as a fun, experience-centered destination. The category “Experiences” has a lot of different options such as nautical, culture & heritage, and beaches of course. One really cool aspect of their marketing efforts is the “Croatia Feed” which takes you to a blog covering all these Croatia related. Another cool aspect is that the website includes a lot of travel info, such as by what mode of arrival is best for you and specific recommendations and information on hotels and hostels. The website has social media accounts linked, but the placement of these is all the way at the bottom of the page so it’s not central or easy to find.

From the website and various social media accounts, it seems that Croatia’s marketing campaign reflects the slogan “Full of Life” which is used throughout their digital marketing platforms and as a hashtag. I think this slogan does a great job of representing the country in a concise way as well as keeping digital platforms cohesive. 1,631,846 people like their Facebook page, they have 94.1k followers on Twitter, 210k followers on Instagram, as well as a decent following of 8.7k subscribers on YouTube. They also have a Pinterest and Google Plus account.

The social media accounts seem to be pretty active, positing one or multiple times daily as well as reposting and retweeting other content to keep users engaged. All platforms also keep cohesive with the Croatia Full of Life slogan, which allows the accounts to see content to be reposted. The Instagram page is very aesthetically pleasing and does a great job curating photos that capture the different attractions of the country. The Facebook and Twitter accounts also do a great job making use of hashtags and not only crafting relevant content that is informative and showcases the allure of Croatia- through food, events, and more.

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