Vic Chesnutt Songwriter of the Year Award

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Vic Chesnutt Songwriter of the Year Award

Entering into my final semester at the University of Georgia I was hired as an intern with the Athens Rotary Club with a special focus on the Vic Chesnutt Songwriter Award. The upcoming show in May will be the second year of the award ceremony that is intended to become an annual tradition. One of the major tasks set on the agenda for the planning committee this year is to increase awareness of the award show as well as the number of songwriter submissions. My job is to promote the event and update their social media sites.

Understanding how to run this social media campaign has taken a lot more thought then I first believed. Looking at their previous social media postings for the award ceremony last year, I specifically noted that the page was difficult to find and that there was a high ratio of words to pictures. I took time to recognize campaigns that drew me in. A pattern I found of ads that were attractive to me typically included videos, many pictures, appearance of modernity and short concise descriptions.

At first glance the Facebook page for the Vic Chesnutt Songwriter Award did not entice me and there were not many posts to go off of. To increase awareness of this event I immediately noticed the needs for more pictures and perhaps some video content. In order for an event to appear at the top of people’s feeds it must be paid for or have an ability to capture the interest of its viewer and gain popularity. Below is a screenshot of the current Facebook page for the event.

To increase attraction to this event I am hoping to bring in new artwork and more pictures from the event from the previous year. To aid in video content, the committee and I are hoping to have people who are deeply involved in the event and Athens’ music scene to say what the award show means to songwriters as well as a blurb about Vic Chesnutt, a historically famous songwriter who originated in Athens. These speakers in addition to footage of the winner from last year’s award show will hopefully construct event credibility. To build college participation, the committee can hopefully gain the involvement of WUOG, the student run radio station, and the music business program at Georgia. Lastly, the page needs to look updated and modern. After exploring other Athens’ event pages I found that Twilight and Athfest immediately draw you in with bright colors, event reminders, and video footage that encourages community involvement. Mimicking some of these tactics and making it easy for a page viewer to quickly understand the event, find pictures, recognize a hashtag and access the webpage will aid in growing support of the event. Hopefully, more content will be documented at future award ceremonies that will encourage songwriters to participate.

The event is still new and may take time to develop a strong following. By implementing some of the marketing strategies that I have noted from other local campaigns, I am hoping to aid the Rotary Club in promotion of an event that could really take off in Athens, a city overflowing with music creatives.

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