You’re Trying Too Hard

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You’re Trying Too Hard

At work today, my friend and I were talking about the recently released Diet Coke commercial featuring Gillian Jacobs.

Let me add to the preface of this by pointing out that the video is at around 88,000 views, has 83 likes, and *chuckle* 240 dislikes.

First off, the acting was severely stiff, atrocious, and so incredibly plastic. It was pretty clear that the ad was targeting young adults, millennials, that type of crowd and they decided to use a 35-year-old actress? Strike one.

Strike two: “You wanna run a marathon? I mean… that sounds super hard, but ok! I mean, just do you.”

Because oh my God, things are just, like, so hard! 

It’s as if they created this ad for millennials without knowing anything about millennials. You’re trying to relate to us by bringing up something seemingly ambitious and then pointing out that it’s probably too difficult for us anyway. Please stop making us sound lazy and apathetic. 

Strike 3: “Just do you”? I feel like this type of wording is best for makeup or clothing ads – something related to outward appearance not something you ingest. And of course, it’s important to note that I barely count this phrase as slang, but it is. And the way Jacobs’ used these words seemed completely out of place for her, making the whole ad insincere and again, fake.

I hope you took the time to watch the 30 second ad because there’s subtle gestures and signs that are hard to explain but definitely illustrate why there are more dislikes than likes on the video.

Disclaimer: I sound much angrier in this blog than I actually am in real life about this ad. In the end, it just wasn’t a successful advertisement, and I hope they learned that to appeal to a group, it just has to be natural. Looks like they just didn’t have any millennials on the team.

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Savannah Horne

Savannah Horne

February 5, 2018at 10:33 pm

I have been thinking about this ad a lot lately. The first time I saw it on Hulu, I really liked it. I then went and did some research on the ad, and came to find not a lot of people agree with me. As a soda fan (in moderation of course), I have hated the stigma that has been put on soda products. States have put bans and limits on soda consumption, and really targeted the negative health effects. In some of my classes people have talked about soda as if it is as bad as cigarettes. While yes, soda is bad for you, a lot of things are bad for you that do not receive a lot of media attention. Starbucks can sell 400 calorie drinks with no issues, but Coca-cola is a one way trip to diabetes? Therefore, I do not blame Coca-Cola for responding to this by saying “If you want a diet coke, have a diet coke.”

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