A Super Bowl Commercial that Gives Back

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A Super Bowl Commercial that Gives Back

While watching the super bowl, I really enjoyed the super bowl commercials this year. A lot of them had a lot of humor and light heartedness. However, there were two commercials that really stood out to me. One was by Stella Artois and the other was Budweiser’s. Both of these beverage companies focused on philanthropic causes. Stella Artois ad features Matt Damon urging people to buy limited-edition chalices in order to give years of clean water to people in developing countries through a partnership with Water.org, which is an organization for safe water and sanitation. He says “if just one percent of all Super Bowl viewers buy a glass, Stella and Water.org can give water to one million people for five years”.  Budweiser’s commercial was set to the song “stand by me” and focuses on delivering cans of water to people affected by natural disasters.


I think after all of the natural disasters the world suffered through this year, Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey to name a few, these philanthropies Budweiser and Stella Artois are supporting are very important at this time. I think these companies’ efforts were a great way to emphasize on people watching the super bowl and supporting a good cause. When I saw the Stella Artois commercial I felt motivated to long onto their company website and purchase a chalice to support Water.org.


Like we have talked about in class, Millennial’s are often drawn to a brand that is linked to a social cause. What better way to get Millennials to support these companies through these philanthropies? Millennial’s are also ages 20-35. These ages are high alcohol consumers. Linking these beverage companies with a social cause was a very beneficial idea to their brand image. The ads have been getting a lot of positive feedback as well. I think that in the midst of all of the humorous commercials being played during the super bowl, these two really stood out to the crowd and motivated people to support their cause.

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John James

John James

February 6, 2018at 3:00 pm

I agree with you here about these stand out commercials. When I was watching with friends, at first we were a little annoyed at the Budweiser one, thinking why is it so important for him to go work to make beer. Then it showed how they were actually filling the cans with water, and we all went “Ooohhh.” So I think Budweiser and Stella did a great job using this precious ad space to show their community involvement. They definitely receive kudos in my book.

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