Alexa Loses Her Voice

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Alexa Loses Her Voice

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For me, the best part of the Super Bowl is always the ads. Hands down. I know what you’re probably thinking… Yes, I am girl, but, no, I actually do love football. I understand the logistics of the game well and didn’t miss a single UGA game this season- including both the SEC Championship and the heartbreaking (but, totally worth it) Natty. However, I don’t find myself as invested in the NFL, especially when the Falcons aren’t playing or are off somewhere blowing a Super Bowl 25-point-lead (still too soon???). Idk, maybe, my emotions are too wrecked to fully embrace the game. At this point, all Georgia sports have taken 10 years off of my life, and I honestly think that I now only have enough heart capacity to invest into one team- that will always be the Dawgs.

Anyway, sorry for that tangent, back to Super Bowl commercials. Love them. They always lighten the mood, no matter what is happening in the actual game. This year, my vote for best ad goes to none other than Amazon. Obviously, one of Amazon’s biggest selling points in society today is the Amazon Echo equipped with digital assistant, Alexa. My parents own one of these, so I have had my fun experimenting with that Alexa does and does not know- Let me tell you, she knows a loooot. Well, sadly, in the commercial, Alexa loses her comforting voice of wisdom (HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN?!), but, not to worry, some of America’s favorite celebrities are available to save the day. The commercial includes icons such as Rebel Wilson (hilarious), Cardi B (*insert signature sound effect here*), and Anthony Hopkins (kinda creepy/the peacock was random/but still funny and relevant). Basically, they take over the role of Alexa when Alexa herself fails. Mixed with humor and familiar jingles, Amazon does an incredible job of providing America with a sense of security and comfort- Even if Alexa were to “fail” (Ok, not a real thing, but still), Amazon has always “got our backs” and will never let us down, no matter what it takes… And, at the end of the day, Alexa takes back her rightful position and prevails!

Another day, another reason to love Amazon (*praise hands*).


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Justin Stevens

Justin Stevens

February 6, 2018at 11:12 am

Amazon and Alexa has been getting alot of attention lately. The Saturday night live skit about Alexa silver (for old people) is probably one of the funniest things I have ever watched. This commercial made me crack up as well especially Gordan Ramsey yelling about the grilled cheese. It will be interesting to if Alexa sales increase because of all the publicity.

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