Athletes Doing Things: Amanda Dinkel and Ben Garland

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Athletes Doing Things: Amanda Dinkel and Ben Garland

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Dinkel pictured on the far left after the Falcons secured their spot in Super Bowl LI

After my last blog post I received a little bit of constructive criticism suggesting that I incorporate more digital marketing components in my content. Considering that the point of this blog is to blend digital marketing in with our posts, I realized my classmate was totally right! So I took it as a chance to get in touch with someone I have a career-crush on. I contacted Amanda Dinkel, Community Relations Manager for the Atlanta Falcons to get a little insight into what her department does and how they incorporate digital platforms to help players give back to their community. Dinkel has worked with the Falcons for three seasons, and has also worked for the Panthers and Colts. She said the Falcons are active on all main social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, but that they really rely on the main organization accounts to share their content and help gain traction for big events. Dinkel said that a huge objective for them is to bridge the team and the Falcons brand with the community. The Falcons want their brand associated with giving back and doing good, and they use community strengthening events promoted by social media to do this. Often times their events are centered on youth and high school football events, with a huge priority being to influence kids, especially in lower income communities.



In this weeks post on Athletes Doing Things we’re taking a look at my boy Ben Garland from the Atlanta Falcons. Garland played for Air Force in college, before being signed by the Broncos and eventually the Falcons. After being signed by the Broncos he was placed in the military reserve list so he could serve his 2 year commitment in the Air Force. Since coming to the Falcons, he has participated in over 60 community events in his 3 years with the Falcons, and has a special place in his heart for veterans affairs. Garland also has participated as a coach in many youth camps, teaching kids proper football technique. Giving events like these proper social media coverage helps teams address the safety issues with injuries like concussions in the NFL, and helps to promote necessary discussion and research. Arthur Blank said that Ben Garland is everything he wants the Atlanta Falcons organization to represent at its core, and coming from the big man himself that means a heck of a lot.

These posts have all been following the various nominees for this year’s NFL’s Walter Payton Man of the Year Award, which is awarded to an NFL player who is outstanding on and off the field and has a positive impact in their community. Each NFL team submits a nominee and the winner was announced on February 3rd at the NFL Honors in Minneapolis. This year’s winner is J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans so be on the lookout next week to get an update on his incredible story.


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S.K. Palmer

S.K. Palmer

February 6, 2018at 8:59 am

Great post! I really like that you are focusing not only on the organization as a whole, but also examining specific players and how they interact with their fan base. I didn’t know that Ben Garland was as active as he is in the community. It’s nice to see the Falcons and their players interacting with the fans on such a local basis. It’s also interesting to me that Aurther Blank speaks so highly of Garland. That in and of itself says a lot about who he is and what the organization is striving to be.

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