Go Red!

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Go Red!

The Stats

Over 92 million American adults are living with some form of cardiovascular disease. Heart disease is the number one killer of men and women in The United States. Most illnesses require the person to be exposed to a certain bacteria, have traveled to a specific region of the world or carry a certain gene. Heart disease, however, is different because there is no shortage of victims. Everyone has a heart, but most do not take care of it how they should. So how do we take care of our hearts? What’s the solution?

1. Awareness

The American Heart Association (AHA) is a big player is raising awareness for cardiovascular disease. AHA has consistently ranked among the Top 100 Non-Profit companies. They have also worked closely with legislators to have February deemed “Heart Disease Awareness Month”.

American Heart Association has also strategically partnered with businesses and organizations such as Walgreen’s, Dr. Scholl’s and the Miss International Organization in an effort to keep heart health on the forefront of every American’s mind. Through these partnerships, multiple websites and awareness campaigns on social media, AHA has remained a front runner in keeping American hearts healthy.

2. Listen to Your Body

Listening to your body is a very difficult thing to do, especially since we, as Americans, have a tendency to push our bodies to the limit. There is a time and place to work out harder, run faster, stay up longer, etc., but there must also be a balance.

If your body is thirsty, give it water. If you’re tired, let your body rest. If you need energy, don’t resort to caffeine – invest in food and beverages that naturally induce energy! Caffeine, especially after years of intake, can wreak havoc on our heart and its health.

3. Get Involved in a Support Group

Whether it is a traditional in-person support group, a blog geared towards those suffering from heart disease, or an online emotional support group – get involved and share your story. The community you surround yourself with will keep you accountable and ensure you’re taking good care of your body and heart.

4. Join the Movement

February 2nd kicked off “Heart Disease Awareness Month” with National Wear Red Day! There are many ways to get involved and join the movement to stand up against cardiovascular disease. You can attend Go Red Luncheons, volunteer at American Heart Association events and encourage everyone to take care of their heart!

Go Red!

Ladies, grab your red dresses. Gentlemen, put on your polos. Let’s stand together and raise awareness for heart disease.

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Madison McDoulett

Madison McDoulett

February 6, 2018at 1:17 pm

I worked with the American Heart Association a lot in high school, so all of this information is very familiar! I love all of the events going on during February, because it reminds us and brings awareness to this cause that affects so many of us!

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