Hair Salon Wine? Yay or Nay?

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Hair Salon Wine? Yay or Nay?

This next fine wine selection is one that many of us college age wine drinkers are all familiar with. The one and only Gallo wine.

I had the pleasure of receiving a free glass of wine from a hair salon while visiting my friend who was getting blonde hair. How cool is that? That place had some swagger. I would definitely recommend it if you have that cash money for that. It called Republic Salon. Back to that wine though. This was not my first experience with E&J Gallo’s wine, and most likely will not be the last experience (despite how hard I try).

Here’s the thing, despite how much smack I talk about Gallo, I get the appeal. It is easy to drink and sweet. What’s not to like about that right? Well if you are an unrefined wine drinker and honestly just need something to get the job done, I can say that a solid chardonnay from Gallo will do the trick without breaking the bank.

Now lets talk about their social media skills. Specifically their instagram. First lets start with their handle. Their handle is confusing for the public. It is @gallocareers. This is interesting because when I first did a search I thought “oh that’s cool they have an instagram for their employees.” This led me to believe that they would have another gram for their original content, but no, unfortunately they don’t. While I do like the idea, I think it makes finding the company harder.

Now I know in previous posts I have ragged on companies that don’t have a cohesive message or branding in their social media, but in Gallo’s case, I think their “mishmash” approach works. Sorta. It gives the appearance that they are more like a human rather than just a company.

Overall, I dub them good on instagram but not so great for a wine enthusiast. I’m going to have to vote nay on this one.

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Molly McDonough

Molly McDonough

February 6, 2018at 10:16 am

As a broke 20 year old college student, I am a Gallo wine enthusiast. 100% agree that it gets the job done, and the taste isn’t too terrible be either. But with that being said, I’m not one who has been exposed to too many higher class wines so I do not have much to compare it to. In regards to Instagram, I think Gallo is kind of slacking in this department because they have so much potential to appeal to one of their huge target markets of college students. I am on Instagram all the time and get sponsored ads from New Amsterdam and Tito’s, but never Gallo. Not that this will defer me from buying their product, but they are definitely missing out on a potential to increase sales.

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