NBC’s Super Bowl Blackout On Social Media

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NBC’s Super Bowl Blackout On Social Media

As we all know yesterday was the Super Bowl Night, and most of us were sitting in front of TV either watching the game, or commercials. However, there was a 26 second of blackout during the game, and this has scared the football fans and NBC.

NBC has explained at the game and on Twitter that, “We had a brief equipment failure that we quickly resolved. No game action or commercial time was missed.” This had gone viral on social media by using the hashtag #blackout to talk about the black screen they were seeing. For companies who have invested money in Super Bowl commercials, they immediately connected the blackout to their products by using hashtag #blackout.

Audients post their reactions on social media, and then they click through “#blackout” to view other people’s reaction. Tide and Doritos were the examples that quickly reacted to this accident, and other users had viewed tweets from these two companies before the crowd. This can be a really good example of digital marketing, that marketers always keeps on track of everything that relates to the company on everything, and then quickly respond to the incident or event, so people can follow it up on social media.

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