Super Bowl Special: The ads that got us, and the ones that didn’t

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Super Bowl Special: The ads that got us, and the ones that didn’t

I wanted to take a break from analyzing the social media teams of the NFL this week, because as we all know it the Super Bowl is a social media team’s biggest stage. First and foremost, WHAT A GAME!! This year’s Super Bowl will go down as one of the greatest. From the run-and-gun mindset to the starting QBs becoming wideouts, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. And depending on your take on them, the commercials kept you entertained as well. This year’s commercials, in my opinion, were sub par. I will say though, they went to places they’d never gone before. I think the most iconic commercials over the past few years have been the Doritos commercials. This year was no different, however there were a few more companies that were able to captivate us in just a few short commercials.

The Ones That Got Us


I’m sure by now, we have all heard of HBO’s Game of Thrones saga. Doritos aired a commercial starring Peter Drinklage, also a star on GoT, and Morgan Freeman performing a rap-battle. Drinklage covered a rather tongue-twisting verse by Busta Rhymes, while to my dismay Morgan Freeman lip synced some Missy Elliot. The commercial was essentially Doritos vs. Mountain Dew, with Drinklage being representative of Doritos and Freeman for Mountain Dew. They were able to keep viewers glued to the screen because of the celebrities they had performing. Meanwhile, keeping them wondering what the commercial actually was about. At first it was Doritos, then by the second half a twist was revealed and it included Mountain Dew as well. This commercial was the epitome of a successful advertisement. It had big name people, humor, entertainment, and even a surprise.

Another commercial that really got people going, even angered a few, was the Dundee – Australia commercial. So, basically the stage was set a week before the super bowl on social media. It was a movie trailer that was supposed to be a sequel to the classic filmed in Australia, Crocodile Dundee. There was an interesting twist with this commercial. They did a great job of creating an aura around this commercial to make us believe it was coming to theaters soon. With a star-studded cast including Danny McBride, the Hemsworths, Margot Robbie, Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman, Isla Fisher, etc. they had all viewers biting hard on this movie. However, in an unfortunate series of events it was revealed that this was just a travel ad promoting tourism in Australia. Nonetheless, this commercial either had you wanting to go to Australia as soon as possible or had you begging for a Dundee movie. Either way, it did its job which was to engage the viewers and get the viewers to engage with the company, in this case the department of tourism of Australia. I will say, I cannot wait to see how the producers of this film go about attempting to create an actual movie; I would pay a sizeable amount of money ($12 bucks tops) to see this movie in theaters.

The Ones that DIDN’T Get Us….

Diet Coke. Need I say more? This “mango groove” commercial was in no way successful. Everyone I was watching the game with was incredibly confused and some even got mad that they published such rubbish on during the super bowl. Now, while that may be a bit over exaggerated they weren’t wrong. This was a horrible take on trying to engage consumers. The engagement here had to do with utter confusion. Instead of finding it funny and relating it to Coke, the viewers found themselves cringing and just wanting the commercial to end. That is no positive exposure for Coke. Maybe next year, guys.

Now this one, I was pretty upset about. Ram has had the tendency over the past few years to play on the hardships of the blue collared. The past few years, the them was “God made a farmer.” Why they deviated from this theme? No idea. Those commercials were wildly successful and elicited emotion from any and all viewers. Really gave credit to those in the blue-collar world and gave the middle class a sense of pride and identity. However, this year they used a speech from the great Martin Luther King Jr. and oh boy did this open the floodgates. Viewers were pretty ticked that Ram attempted to monetize the words of one of the greatest humans to walk this country. To be fair, Ram had a good idea but they totally used the wrong man to quote for a truck commercial. Ram should go back to talking about farmers, no need to stretch beyond what you know here guys. Incredible film production, hit the mute button and this is probably my favorite commercial of the super bowl. Dodge came up just short. Better luck next year.



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