Super Bowl Streaming Services Could Discourage Future Advertisers

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Super Bowl Streaming Services Could Discourage Future Advertisers

While Sunday’s Super Bowl was an absolute treat for any sports fan, the reactions to viewership ratings could have implications for Future Super Bowls.

Amidst a controversial season with all the drama with kneeling and perceived disrespect of the American Flag, the NFL grew wary of the possible decline in ratings, and that worry turned into reality with a dip in viewership of the Super Bowl of nearly 7% from 111.3 million to 103.4 million viewers. While Sunday’s game still ranks in the top 10 most watched American Television Program of all-time sitting at 10th place, the worry isn’t particularly the NFL’s to share.


In fact Advertisers are taking notice of the surging trend of viewers tuning in via streaming services such as Yahoo, Hulu, and NBC Go. These streaming services do not show viewers Super Bowl commercials many Americans tune in just to watch, and with Sunday’s game being the most-live streamed Super Bowl ever, this could mean possible implications for they way advertisers approach prospective slots in the future.

This dilemma faced by Advertisers is just a sliver of a larger problem of the growing consumer trend of opting for online streaming services rather than the conventions television broadcasting. With the dip in viewership and rise of streaming services to watch the Super Bowl, it might be imperative for companies and advertisers to approach these changes in the future with innovative ways of reaching out otherwise, the long term consequence could lead to lesser demand for advertising for the big game


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Dan Larkin

Dan Larkin

February 6, 2018at 3:12 pm

As someone who watches sports almost exclusively through streaming alternatives, I could see how this would be a large barrier for brands looking to advertise. Every week, I watch soccer and football through streaming services like ESPN Go and NBC Live, but most of them don’t show commercials. As this trend continues to rise, I’m not sure what advertising companies will do to limit the effects. However, I will admit that during the Super Bowl, I did watch it on TV because I wanted to see the commercials.

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