The impact of Digital Marketing for Creature Comforts Brewery

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The impact of Digital Marketing for Creature Comforts Brewery

This week I chose to analyze the social media efforts of Creature Comfort brewery in Athens, GA. I quickly found this company was well diverse across multiple platforms. They had both an Instagram as well as a Facebook account.
There are several key things that I believe this company does well. First and foremost the posts are regular and frequent. There seem to be an active effort to get at least one piece of content out every day. In addition it was clear to me that this company carefully consider is the overall aesthetic of their platforms. For example on there Instagram most of their photos had the same editing effect applied to them. This gave the entire feed a more fluid feel. I noticed similar efforts on their Facebook platform as well.
I think it’ll be important in the future for this company to maintain all of these things. Compared to competitors in the Athens market I feel creature does a stronger job marketing digitally.
However there were a few areas that I think that this company could father enhance its digital marketing efforts. Due to the nature of this business, I believe there’s tremendous opportunity for community out reach. This represents a missed ability to capitalize on who their consumers are. College students want to be involved in the community. To this demographic,  going to a brewery is an experience. I think creature should capitalize on that by explicitly showing it’s more than just beer company.
In addition the brew recently changed his pricing strategy. No longer do you pay for a wristband but rather by the glass. This allows the experience to appeal to a larger demographic. I believe this should’ve been better publicized.
Overall though, I think this company has a pretty strong hold on their digital marketing efforts. I think by creating a more connected community feel they help could enhance their brand to the next level.

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