The Internet’s New Boyfriend

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The Internet’s New Boyfriend

David Harbour, best known for his role as Jim Hopper from Stranger Things, has become a huge social presence in the past couple of months, famously known for his hilarious tweets to companies and now for his hilarious super bowl ads. After the release of Stranger Things 2, Harbour really started making a name for himself on social media, most specifically Twitter. I personally do not follow his account but I constantly see retweets of his conversations between him and companies. Most recently he won himself a trip to Antartica based off of retweets alone, proving that he has a lot of fans willing to support him in his endeavors:


Companies are starting to catch on to the fact that everyone likes this man and he has a huge loyal fan base, and the first to cash in on that was Tide. In my opinion, Tide won the Super Bowl, with the help of David Harbour of course. Tide had an ambitious plan to be more than just an average Super Bowl commercial and asked viewers to question every ad they saw during the night- Is this Ad a Tide Ad? In doing this Tide literally took over the Super Bowl, no small part due to the hilarious David Harbour who has been dubbed “The internet’s new boyfriend.” Tide spent upwards of $15 million on their commercial spots, however with the success both the company and the actor are seeing from this commercial I would say it was well worth the money.

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