The Real Stars of the Super Bowl

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The Real Stars of the Super Bowl

Whether you are still in depression because your beloved patriots blew the big game or in complete shock that the people of Philadelphia basically burned down there city after their win, you don’t have to focus on either of these scenarios anymore. I’m not even going to talk about the fact that Kylie Jenner announced her baby’s birth after nine months of us waiting or Justin Timberlake’s halftime show of redemption after the Janet Jackson incident, I am going to address those 30 second commercial that are so harshly judged by the audience and cost millions of dollars. I am going to address my two favorites that I feel caught the attention of the public and one that completely missed the mark of success.

The first commercial that has gained attention for its reach to all audiences during the Super Bowl is Amazon’s Alexa commercial. This commercial highlighted how important voice and technology has become to our society today. It starts with the panic that occurs when Alexa loses her voice and people are no longer able to receive information. It then shows popular celebrities today that are subbing for Alexa in order to provide internet access to society even when Alexa seems to have a case of laryngitis. The important thing about these Super Bowl commercials is that they must appeal to all audiences and I think Amazon did a great job of using celebrities of today’s times to create a comical, enjoyable commercial for all ages.

As avocados and guacamole have seemingly taken over the world, it only makes sense that an over-dramatization of world with avocados would appeal to consumers today. This commercial started with a perfect world with avocados where everyone is happy and living their best life but chaos ensues when they realize the chips are outside the bubble of this perfect world. This gave Avocados from Mexico the perfect opportunity to show that avocados have many uses outside of solely the guacamole realm. This was a comical and interesting commercial that reached all audiences.

“Dilly, Dilly” was the phrase of Bud Light that become popular between young people and adults alike but the issue was when it rose to popularity at the end of last year they continued to use it in every commercial from then on. At this point, the phrase has been overused and people have become disinterested in it. In their most important commercial of the year, Bud Light failed to hit the mark with new material and continued to advertise with old overused phrases.

The Super Bowl commercials are like the Super Bowl for commercials also. The whole world is either going to see you fail or be talking about your quirky commercial for months to come. This event is the one of the most expensive and important times for commercials of the whole year because your audience is the whole world.



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Aislinn Goering

Aislinn Goering

February 6, 2018at 2:38 pm

Did you see the Tide commercial? Easily one of the funniest/best commercials I’ve seen in a long time.

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