Top Travel Brands on Social Media

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Top Travel Brands on Social Media

You may think the travel & hospitality industry has it easy when it comes to social media marketing – it’s just photos of tropical beaches, tweets offering discounts, and video tours of hotels or spas. But who would follow a brand on social media whose content simply shows off their product and service offerings? Let’s take a look at some travel brands whose social media channels offer more than promotions.


Expedia’s content says more than “here are photos that make you want to travel and here’s a link to our website so we make money“. Looking at their page, the content is stunning and varied. Plus, their captions are more than just descriptions or promotions, but often reference a link in their bio, like the one below. This education/inspiration aspect is great for consumer engagement and loyalty, plus it elevates their social media to more than just picturesque destinations. Their social media shows they truly care about their customers’ experience.


Instagram | Facebook | Twitter



Yes, states now advertise, and Cali is killing it. I have never seen a better organized YouTube channel. Their videos have substance and are not just California beaches or families having a fantastic vacation. For example, each video in their “California Dream Eater” playlist highlights a different restaurant in the state. Their Facebook page is up-to-date and extremely detailed, with a following of 1.5 million users. They’ve also branded the hashtag #California101, which represents their video series on Instagram. Way to go, Cali.


Instagram | Facebook | YouTube



This hotel chain excels at building social connections with consumers through various social media channels, including Snapchat. They often partner with other brands and influencers like VSCO and TED Talks to ensure their content is informational and compelling. For example, the Tweet below does not promote Marriott but instead offers a new idea on business. Who knew hospitality was more than just fluffy pillows and speedy room service?

Snapchat | YouTube | Twitter



With more and more travelers looking to social media for inspiration and trip-planning, any travel-related brand without a developed social media marketing strategy is missing out on opportunities to grow brand awareness and loyalty. Obviously, there are thousands of other brands successfully utilizing social media as a marketing tool. These examples go above-and-beyond by creating compelling content with real substance that expresses true care for consumers and their experience, not just profits. They vary their content and don’t force their brand onto the user, instead offering information and tips on travel.


Jade Bridges

Jade Bridges

February 9, 2018at 3:30 pm

Hi Alanna,

I really enjoyed your post. I actually follow Expedia on IG and like you said, their posts offer more information than just for profits. They’re actually creating a reputation for caring about their customers experiences. In the long run, this will make them more money than directly advertising would with links to book a trip, etc. I totally agree that travel-related brands need to be on social media ASAP. I go through at least 5-10 sites before I make a decision on where I want to travel, and a lot of my ideas come from posts on social media. Great post!

John James

John James

February 11, 2018at 11:55 am

Great read. I had no idea these brands were using their social channels this way. It is refreshing when large corporations like this actually provide relevant, blog-like content as opposed to shoving promotions and ads down our throats. It makes them more relatable and builds a sense of rapport, even though it all comes down to money. It just makes the purchase experience more natural, and I do agree that more brands should realize this.

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