A Revolt Amongst Millennials

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A Revolt Amongst Millennials

While walking past a group of students in the Tate Center, I heard a girl start venting to her friends about this new update on her phone that she was so incredible annoyed with. Later that day as I am walking down the hallway of my apartment, I passed somebody that was talking on the phone about this “dumb update” he now has to deal with. Once I went home that night and opened up one of my favorite apps, I realized that everything had changed.

The past couple of days have been a hard transition for a lot of people due to the biggest update in Snapchat history. This redesign was said to make the app easier to use for their loyal followers but after being released for only a couple of hours, people realized this was definitely not true. With all of your Snapchats and Snapchat stories in one place, it has become very overwhelming and cluttered. Your page of most recent Snapchats has changed to be based off of most recent stories. It makes keeping up with streaks that much more challenging and this is not something people are happy about.

This update has caused so much discussion that it actually led to a petition on Change.org.  It is calling for the company to go back to its old ways. With the amount of controversy that has come with this update, there are very torn reviews. There is a group that is being extremely optimistic that Snapchat will return to its roots but then there are others that believe we all will just get used to it. What will happen to Snapchat? I guess we will just have to wait and see what the company decides what is best for them and their followers.

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