Big Companies Using Emotional Appeal during Olympic Ads

Big Companies Using Emotional Appeal during Olympic Ads

The 2018 Olympic Winter Games are underway, and the whole world is watching as participants attempt to achieve what few athletes ever will. Coverage of the event is broken up with stories of athletes who have worked their whole lives to stand where they stand today, overcoming obstacles at every turn. These stories tug at the heartstrings of the people watching at home, and many advertisers are trying to use that same strategy in their commercials.

Big companies like Samsung and Toyota are using slogans like “Do What You Can’t” and “Start Your Impossible” to send very powerful messages. These commercials show videos of babies learning how to walk, amputees rehabbing after receiving new prosthetics, and Paralympic athletes practicing for their event. While many Superbowl commercials use humor in ads, the Olympics is seen as a more dignified and well-respected event, so many companies are shifting their advertising accordingly.

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