Celebrities and Social Media

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Celebrities and Social Media

Nowadays, Celebrities has a huge influence on social media, that on Instagram most-followed account is owned by Selena Gomez, and Twitter most followed account is Katy Perry. These two celebrities are happened to draw most interests for other users to follow them.

Not only these two individual celebrities, including other celebrities who have fewer followers than Selena or Katy but still has a huge number of followers. All these celebrities post their stories on Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat so they can share their life to have a better connection with their fans.

The most recent news happened to be on Jessie J’s social media, that the story she posted on Instagram stories has gone viral on Chinese society. On her Instagram story, she has complained about how another passenger ignore other passengers and watch loud videos in the flight, and this has potentially destroyed not only Jessi but also other passenger’s peace of flight.

The day after the story, Jessie’s experience went on Chinese daily news on the national channel, and this has caused serious discussion on Chinese social media, and some government had got involved to urge this type of inappropriate behavior.

Based on this particular case that happened to Jessie, all the celebrities need to have the caution of using their social media influences wisely, that not only speak up for inappropriate behaviors in daily life but also inspire, influence, and encourage them to do the right thing on the right path.

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