Fuel Yoga

Fuel Yoga

With many yoga and workout studios  in Athens it can be overwhelming having to pick where to go to work out. There is everything from high cardio workout studies to low Impact yoga studios. It is hard to set yourself a part. One great way to do this is through social media. One workout studio has done a great job of this. Fuel Hot Yoga is a yoga studio in the heart of downtown Athens. It has one room for yoga and has another area when you walk in with clothing and accessories for sale.

Fuel Hot Yoga’s Facebook page is very engaging in their content. They do a great of updating their page. There are many post about their upcoming events like their guest teachers and their heart to heart challenge. I thought their heart to heart challenge was a great idea. It is where for the month of February you get a card and every class you get a sticker for going. The people with the most stickers at the end February will win some Fuel merchandise. I think this a fantastic idea because this is the time of year a lot of people start realizing their New Years resolution  of getting in shape is no longer as fun as it was January first. This keeps people wanting to come back and gives people motivation to come in while they are scrolling through Facebook. Fuel does a great job of creating content that is very inspirational Most of their post are an inspirational l quotes, their instructors doing crazy poses along with their upcoming events and pictures from previous events.

Their Instagram is very similar to their Facebook in the way they us is to promote upcoming events along with inspirational quotes and pictures. This is a great tactic for them because it gives people a reason to get up off the couch while scrolling through Facebook and Instagram. Fuel also has an app that gives the times of each class and up coming events. It is very user friendly and adds to the social media presence for the users. Fuel is an all around good studio with great classes and a good social marketing team.

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