Kylie and Justin

Kylie and Justin

Year after year, the Super Bowl half-time show takes centerstage on social media for several days after the event. Really good ones, like Beyonce or Lady Gaga are made into memes and gifs used for several years after.

This year, Justin Timberlake took the stage. Honestly, I didn’t watch the game because I couldn’t stand watching the Patriots win again(too soon) and thankfully they lost to the Eagles.  Anyway, I was expecting to see a sea of Justin Timberlake moments, or critiques of the show, or comparisons of other performance (as usual). However, I was bombarded with a wave of Kylie Jenner’s newborn daughter. I tend to keep up with the Kardashians simply because they are all over Instagram but this day every other post I saw was about the video Kylie had made for her daughter simply titled “For our Daughter”. For the past 9 months Kylie has been very low-key about her pregnancy including all her sisters; when asked in interviews about her pregnancy, they would dodge the questions. There was just the question “Is she even pregnant?”. That all flipped as soon as she put the video in YouTube, people went crazy. Suddenly, she was all the buzz; Justin Timberlake wasn’t even on my feed.

“Out of sight out of mind” has proved to be true with this whole ordeal. When Kylie was low-key, people would just question whether the story was true or not and other than that not mention it much. The second she posted about it, it became all that everyone posted about. Justin took the back seat on Instagram and Kylie Jenner took center stage. If she would have delayed the posting by a couple of days, I’m certain Justin Timberlake would’ve been all over my feed. Social media has such an amazing power to place importance on certain things and topics, and ignore other things. If it’s major news on social, it’s in the forefront of people’s minds and if it’s not, people may not even know about it. I for one, have no idea how the show went but I know all about Kylie’s pregnancy (just based on Instagram). Other years, I watch the game and see snippets of the show for several days and that wasn’t the case this year. Sorry Justin, maybe next time.


Ivey Tanner

Ivey Tanner

February 13, 2018at 11:21 am

this is so true! I hadn’t even thought about it till I read this, but I saw nothing about Justin’s performance. I guess Kylie really did steal the show! Whatever happened most recently and “loudly” always takes our attention!

Reagan Rowlett

Reagan Rowlett

February 13, 2018at 11:25 am

This post was so funny and relevant to our kind of “social media crisis” today. We are so dependent on it and yet this is what we use it for. This article completely highlights how influential it is and you did a great job writing it!

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