Someone is Watching Me….

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Someone is Watching Me….

Spring Break is quickly approaching and every girl knows what that means…bathing suit shopping. This isn’t a casual surfing of the internet though. I go back and forth for weeks searching for the cutest bathing suits looking most unique boutiques and best prices. This means I click on A LOT of bathing suits and I often add A LOT of things to my cart just to see the damage it’s going to do to my wallet. I noticed something though…someone is watching every move I make on these sights because my search just got even harder.

I am now faced with an abundance of bathing suit ads everywhere I turn: Facebook, Instagram and banner ads. These bathing suits are following me everywhere! And not just from the sights I have visited, it’s like like other websites know I am on the hunt for the perfect suit so they are advertising to me as well! This means I am now overloaded with more choices from stores I have never heard of and constantly reminded of the debate I am having between the red scoop neck top with high waisted red bottoms or printed red high waisted bottoms.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I need to pull the trigger and choose one and I am on the hunt for unique suits everyone else isn’t going to have. Marketers are offering me exactly what I am subconsciously looking for, but the fundamental thought of it is a little creepy when you think about it. Companies and their marketing automation services are watching every single move you make on their sites and even once you leave. The minute you step on the internet data is being collected on every click and move you make. As a marketer this technology is really interesting and offers incredible insights, but as a consumers it feels like someone is always keeping an eye out for the potential to capture you into their funnel. Marketing technology is ever evolving…imagine where we will be in 10 years! I wonder if they are going to know our buying habits and wants before we as consumers even do.

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Isabel Pentaleri

Isabel Pentaleri

February 14, 2018at 2:58 pm

Using Google AdWords, companies can target you based on the keywords you use in your internet searches and your browsing history. The targeting must be working if the ads are relevant to what you are looking to buy!

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