The Essentials of Social Media and Oils

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The Essentials of Social Media and Oils

My big sister, Katie, is my role model. I was born when she was 15 years old. Out of four siblings, she is the oldest, and I am the youngest.

This is a family photo of my siblings – taken when Katie was moving to Athens to attend UGA in 1999.

Although she has always been a couple of steps ahead of me in life, I have really enjoyed getting to follow in her footsteps while also creating my own, new path. I feel so lucky to have her to look up to. Katie is married to an awesome guy named Logan (I was in second grade when they got married and the flower girl in their wedding.) They have three kids- Ava (8), Anna (5), Sophie (1). Logan is a full time seminary student in Kentucky, and Katie is a mom, but also an incredible business woman.

Katie graduated from the University of Georgia with a major in Human Development. Upon gradation, she went on to work for a private counseling group focused on families in the foster care system. Then she changed paths and worked for Delta Airlines as a flight attendant (what a dream job!)

Such a cute family!

When Katie began having kids, she decided to take some time off from work to pursue being an amazing mom. After a while of staying home with the kids, she was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils. Young Living Essential Oils are therapeutic-grade essential oils with remarkable properties that promote wellness. The business is structured in a way that allows users of the oils to become independent distributors and to build their own business. Katie has been selling essentials oils for a few years now, and she is considered a Platinum member within Young Living (THIS IS A REALLY BIG DEAL!) Katie’s success can be partially attributed to her use of digital marketing, specifically social media. It helps her stay in touch with other women on her team who are selling oils, as well as with her customers.

Woohoo! Go Katie!

There are a variety of social platforms that Katie uses. To stay in touch with other ladies also in the business, Katie communicates most often via a Facebook group to share ideas and thoughts. Katie said that it is really useful to have a common platform in which ladies can collaborate about their business. Many of the women on Katie’s team are in different states, so having an online platform to communicate allows the women to feel like they are still close to each other, despite not being able to have face-to-face meetings regularly.

To stay in touch with customers, Katie uses Facebook and Instagram. The Golden Drop Society- a Facebook group that allows essential oil users to connect and share stories, ideas, and thoughts is extremely beneficial for Katie’s business. It serves as content marketing, as its main purpose is to educate people about the benefits of essential oils and how to use them most effectively.

Katie recently posted about the 2018 Winter Olympics in the Golden Drop Society Facebook page.

Katie also uses Facebook live videos to share and market her oils. This relatively new feature on Facebook allows my sister to share more about herself and how she uses the oils in real-time. Further, she posts about different sales and promotions going on with Young Living.

I am so proud of my sister, and I love her! She has been able to use social media effectively, and she is doing an amazing job with her business!

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Emily Boatman

Emily Boatman

February 13, 2018at 1:32 pm

What a great way to connect with your consumer base! It’s interesting to read how much of an impact a digital presence can make!

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