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Recently, I started looking into how Under Armour is marketing to women. In 2014, they started focusing more and more on women. In fact, the Under Armour company site titles 2014 the “Year of the Women.” With the “I Will What I Want” campaign featuring Misty Copeland and Gisele Bundchen, they hoped to appeal to the female market more than ever before.

Then, as I was browsing Instagram the other day, I decided to check out how Under Armour was utilizing digital marketing. I typed “underarmour” into the search bar and was surprised to see “underarmourwomen” pop up as an option. I looked further into it, and it is true. Under Armour has an official Instagram account completely dedicated to their female marketing.

The page features all female models and athletes, as expected. However, it is apparent they are doing other things to attract women. First, the description line for the page reads, “Create a movement of WILL through innovation and action.” It finishes with the hashtag #IWILL. The profile picture for the account is a simple black background with white bold letters reading, “I WILL.” These messages tie perfectly into their “I Will What I Want” campaign. It is also a strong message that empowers and encourages women. This is extremely important today as women continue to fight for equality in many areas of life, including athletics.

Under Armour also tags many of their posts on the women’s page with links to their products. The female market is drawn to online shopping. By linking their posts, UA entices viewers to immediately buy products that they see displayed in their posts. With the growing popularity of online shopping, I believe this is effective and appealing to women.

Overall, I think this digital marketing strategy is working well for Under Armour. Having a women specific Instagram allows women to see ads for products that are specifically for them and to avoid wasting time researching men’s products. It also gives easy access to online shopping and sends an empowering message.

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Megan Staebell

Megan Staebell

February 13, 2018at 2:09 pm

Wow, I had no idea UA had a separate account for women. I agree with you that this is a great strategy for the company, as in my mind their brand is typically associated with more of a male fanbase. UA is just so prevalent in sponsoring professional sports teams and hardcore athletes, I do not think of them as having many female consumers like the as the Athletica’s or LuLuLemon’s of the world. However I think this separate page is the perfect fix to engaging more females with their brand!

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