Your Smoking Personal Trainer

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Your Smoking Personal Trainer


Your own smoking personal trainer!


This new device named “Fitsmoke,” introduced by Kickstarter, visions the content world of nonsmokers. The main features include:

  • Keeping in track of how many cigarettes are consumed with the Fitsmoke App by setting limits
  • Allowing the user to reduce over a set period of time
  • Keep out the children from coming in contact with the cigarettes
  • Keeping the user busy by introducing games on the App
  • Saving money from reducing the amount of consumed cigarettes
  • Sharing the goals and accomplishments with friends and family and also challenging them

The user inserts the pack of cigarettes into the dispenser and sets the limit of how many cigarettes he allows himself daily. The machine pops out a cigarette according to the schedule. In case of “emergencies,” the user can play a game and win a high score, or simply touch the emergency tab. The system keeps track of your schedule and awards or deducts points based on performance.

The concept is yet an idea in the process.

What do you think of this new innovation?

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