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Tuesday evening at my AMA meeting I had the pleasure of listening to Greg Mize, a sports marketer, for our Atlanta Braves. I was able to get great insight about the sports world and Braves baseball in particular. Based on the presentation by Mr. Mize, I was able to learn that the Braves are hoping for success after 4 years of under par performances in the MLB. With young stars in the molding and a few big names, the Brave’s future is bright.

Through social media campaigning, the Braves theme this season will be “Chop On!”. Chop on symbolizes progress when there is success and moving forward past tough losses. Social media has such relevance in today’s marketing “Chop On!”,as a hashtag, will be one of the key forms the phrase will spread. Instagram will be a great place for fans of all ages to announce their presence at Braves games at the Suntrust Park venue. This phrase will be attempting to gain relevance in the marketing world to rival the well-known phrases in sports, for example, “Go Dawgs”. If Mize and his team are able to develop their strategy well, “Chop On!” has the potentially to become as universal as “Go Dawgs”.


With a great marketing campaign, young rising stars, and a new venue at Suntrust Park, the Braves seem to have a bright future for the actual season as well as for the business aspect of the Braves organization. #ChopOn

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Voshon Ramcharan

Voshon Ramcharan

Aspiring world traveler. In love with the beautiful game of football (not American football). Marketing major. To use my degree to fulfill my two dreams above would be ideal.

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William Reilly Farrell

William Farrell

March 9, 2018at 3:19 pm

Hopefully it does! I guess the success of the hashtag is also tied with the success of the team, so hopefully the braves, and their social media presence does well! #chopon

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