Spring Break FOMO

Spring Break FOMO

Calling all stay-at-home spring breakers,

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been mindlessly scrolling through your social media feeds in envy of all the beach sunsets, drinking stories, and road adventures that everyone is posting about. Riveting, right? For whatever reason you are staying with the rents this spring break, you have imagined, at least once, all the fun you are missing out on. I wonder though – is their adventure as exciting as we picture through social media? Does the social media portrayal alter our expectations of the real deal? On the plus side, social media is a wonderful and self-sufficient marketing tool for a lot of businesses involved with spring break such as vacation stays, fancy restaurants, unique attractions, and so much more. There have definitely been quite a few times when I would be inspired by someone’s Instagram to explore a certain destination or activity someday. The downside? I don’t get the full picture through the lens of social media, so who’s to say I’ll actually enjoy what I see? It’s no surprise that users filter their platforms to only display the highlights – that split second of good stuff. So I sometimes get a little skeptical about whether or not copying their exploration plans would be worth it for me. Because we only see the shiniest glimpse of a whole, our expectations for a wild adventure may be a little hyped up, making the actual encounter slightly less than riveting.

Picture this: On camera is a really Insta-worthy selfie of a really trendy college student posing in front of a really trendy mural. Seems like a cool spot to check out with lots of photo ops. But if you take a few steps back past the camera frame, it’s actually just a small mural on a crusty wall in a crusty town. This may or may not be a fictional illustration but you get the picture (literally). I’m not saying all your cousins and classmates and church friends and gossip buddies aren’t having the time of their lives; I’m just pointing out that their adventures might not be as envious as you would imagine. So relax – enjoy your home-cooked meals and Netflix marathons, because they just might be as riveting as your roommate’s cruise to the Bahamas (or not, who knows).

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