Magazines Become Mobile Friendly

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Magazines Become Mobile Friendly

On my ten hour drive down to Florida for spring break I decided to read a magazine to pass the time. As I opened up the new March issue of Cosmo and started skimming through the pages, a new marketing technique caught my eye. Amazon has began placing “SmileCodes” AKA QR codes on products in magazines. While people are skimming the magazine and they see something they like, all they have to do is pull out their phones, open the amazon app, and scan the SmileCode and shop the item!

I think this marketing tactic Amazon is utilizing is brilliant. Magazines are a great way to advertise products, however they do not necessarily lead to a conversion. By placing the SmileCodes next to the products it eliminates having to go to the store to buy it, making it so much easier for consumers to make a purchase. While I was sitting in the car on my drive, if one of the items struck my eye I could’ve had it shipped to my house in minutes.

I am interested to see if other companies will begin utilizing QR codes in other places. I am also interested to see if other magazines will adopt this idea as well. Since people are becoming more and more mobile friendly, it’s about time paper advertisements incorporate this idea as well before they go out of business.

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Caroline Barry

Caroline Barry

September 17, 2018at 12:09 pm

Interesting that you were finding QR codes in magazines. I just wrote a blog on how I think QR codes are a great way to gain data from customers. They are becoming so much more popular recently.

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