Tax-Free Shopping in NYC

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Tax-Free Shopping in NYC

Spring Break has passed by, most of the students decided to spend their day off out of town. I happened to have a chance to go to New York City.

In New York, All Clothing and footwear, clothing material, hats and neckwear, formal wear, and more that’s under $110 are exempt from sales. Comparing to before where most tourists or people who live outside of New York would wait until Tax-Free Weeks to avoid taxes, as long as each item that’s part of the categories, and it is below $110 per item, they can get away from taxes. Any other items or any clothing and footwear that’s above $110, needs to be added an 8.875% tax on top of the purchase.

This Act has rapidly increased economics in New York. People what are shopping junkie would save enough money for the trip to New York. they would spend money on transportation, living areas, food, and then shopping. this is a win-win situation for tourist where they can still spend times in the city at museums, architects, and statues, they also get the benefit to avoid the tax.

For anyone who’s planning on going to New York as time soon, I would recommend you to do some homework on where to shop(everywhere is tax-free for qualified items), live(Places near any subway stations that’s not far from where you would go), and eat(Everything), this will make your trip better than ever.

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