April Fools & Easter Campaigns!

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April Fools & Easter Campaigns!

Since it is April 1st and Easter I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the most popular and entertaining April Fools/Easter social media campaigns over the past week. The April Fools ads are usually not meant to deliver sales, but more for people to remember them. Although they were not meant to be taken seriously, many of them ended up being really successful! The Easter campaigns usually center around  change in product or attempt to sell something new. Let’s take a look!

April Fools:

Today Cane’s rolled out this April Fool’s joke on Twitter telling fans that they have come out with a finger nail polish in Cane’s sauce color. Now I am no fashionista, but to be completely honest I don’t think it looks that bad. I’ve definitely seen worse colored fingernail polish. Girls would you wear this? Ok what if it also tasted like Cane’s sauce…?

This tweet shows highlights from the LA Galaxy vs. LAFC game on Saturday showing off Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s stunning volley from almost midfield as they claim “this is not an April Fools Joke”. For anyone who follows world soccer it is no secret that Zlatan will tear up the MLS as he seeks to claim his 6th different league championship.



This was probably the coolest campaign I saw for Easter as two companies that have absolutely no relation teamed up for a brilliant ad. Energizer partnered with Peeps to give the original bunny a makeover. The new pink peeps have sunglasses, just like the Energizer Bunny and have resulted in a rise in sales for Peeps as well as a rise in impressions for Energizer. This is a great example of how companies can market by differentiating themselves with other companies that have no prior relation.


This April 1st has been a marketing gold mine with many different options for companies across the nation. Should they pull a prank or hop along with an Easter campaign? Let me know what you think is more effective!






Madeline Hewatt

Madeline Hewatt

April 2, 2018at 9:36 am

Such an entertianing post, I loved reading this.

JD Hyers

JD Hyers

April 2, 2018at 11:14 am

This was great! I love to be surprised by companies who are usually consistent in their style of marketing suddenly change it up! I think it is safer to roll out an easter campaign; however, if done right, an April fools campaign could easily be a great boost for a company’s reputation!

Sadie Fitzgerald

Sadie Fitzgerald

April 2, 2018at 12:49 pm

I love April fools it is one of my favorite “holidays” by far. The Zaxby’s one had me cracking up. Loved the topic of this post!

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