Rebranding Success Story: LaCroix

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Rebranding Success Story: LaCroix

Everyone is familiar with the addicting bubbly flavored water, LaCroix. This trendy drink has been taking over social media for the past few years, but what spiked this popularity?


The success of LaCroix beverages is linked back to its branding strategy. Instead of competing with well-known sparkling water brands such as Perrier, LaCroix positioned the brand as a healthy alternative to diet sodas. The brand has experienced rapid growth in the past couple of years as the trend towards avoiding sugary sodas filled with artificial sweeteners has become more wide-spread.


LaCroix’s colorful design is an intentional effort to make the product easily recognizable. The design is visually appealing, allowing LaCroix to stand out on the shelves of grocery stores across the country. The vibrant in store displays are eye-catching and hard to miss.



The creativity involved in the LaCroix cans has had a positive influence on the social media success of the product. The colorful, zigzagged design has been deemed Instagram worthy by millennials and bloggers everywhere. LaCroix has taken advantage of this opportunity by investing in influencer marketing. The company works with “micro-infleuncers” who have merely hundreds of Instagram followers to give the company “a more authentic and community-based feel”. LaCroix encourages millennials to portray how they use the product in different stages of life.


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Lauren Klauss

Lauren Klauss

April 2, 2018at 7:34 pm

I love La Criox, so this post immediately caught my attention. The different colors definitely are easy to see in the store and I think this contributes a ton to the popularity of the product because of how much people love the drink just for the can. I even saw an entire art exhibit made out of the cans, which was crazy to me. Great post!

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